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Bits of my Path...

My intention is to accompany and support you in the essential area of health and well-being through holistic and embodied ways. Here is a bit about me and what may serve as relevant context for my current work and services… 

I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania and spent 13 years consistently practicing dance (mostly classical, but also lyrical, jazz and tap styles) along with some teaching for children at my studio. Following my move to Philadelphia, PA to attend Temple University, I began practicing various styles of yoga around the city and in 2009 I was given the opportunity to participate in a very basic training so that I could safely guide other students at my college in the framework of group fitness classes. Over the period of a year or two I taught several styles of weekly group fitness classes and built confidence in guiding others in movement-based activities.


Dancing was my reference for creative expression and provided a sensitive awareness of my body in movement and then yoga became a systematic form for re-discovering my body as a young adult in a way which was infused with a quality of intentionality and mindfulness. Yoga also opened the door for eastern philosophies and spiritualities which, up until then I’m not sure that I was very aware of. My curiosity was sparked and a path of self-study of yoga through books and articles began in parallel to regular practice of various styles of yoga. This became a great source of inspiration and a map for a greater knowing of my Self in a wider sense of the word.


Upon completing my degree in  Public Health, I was called to travel and set my sights on Europe. Over the better part of 3 years, I got to know Geneva and I traveled extensively throughout Europe and the American continents.  Throughout this period yoga was with me on a regular, if not daily basis. I developed a disciplined personal practice and I seized the occasion to take classes whenever I came across a studio. By 2012, I was ready to call Geneva my home base next to my partner, Laurent. At this point, I thought to myself, “What job would I do without even getting paid for it?”. “Yoga” was my answer. After several years of sharing my understanding of yoga with other students, with family and friends, and in a local yoga studio back home, in February 2013, I became recognised as an independent yoga teacher.

Since then the journey of yoga and my personal life has been rich and ever-evolving - including slowing down to honor the pregnancies and birth of my 2 children, adaptation during times of change and challenges, learning and expansion to include other complementary techniques originating from mindfulness, Do-In self-massage and Qi Gong. Since my first pregnancy I've also been called to commence, lead and coordinate Women’s circles, Sacred Pregnancy Workshop-Circles for expecting mamas and couples, lead residential retreats, co-organize wellness festivals and develop the intuitive yet informed work around personalised nature-based rituals to mark important life passages, chapters and moments.


Since 2022, I live in neighbouring France at the base of the Jura mountains, in a cozy and full-of-character house with the green and generous garden space that I’ve been dreaming about for years now ! 

My intent today is to continue sharing my practice of *Prana Flow* movement meditation, as I call it today, along with regular workshop-circles around Geneva and the neighbouring French region. I’m delighted to continue to serve individuals and specific groups in the curation of workshop-circle events or personalised rituals which draw on holistic techniques and support for health and well-being in the broadest sense.


Finally, Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication is my most recent passion and I'm honored to be embarking on the path to become certified so that I can share this transformative and powerful, yet subtle shift in our expression and in our listening that can result in more inner peace and external harmony to our relationships and lives.

I warm-heartedly invite you to join me for a weekly class or reach out to see how I may support you as you ebb and flow with life changes and transformations. I share my extensive experience in guiding meditation and movement for increased awareness, greater self-knowledge and deeper appreciation for the life that animates us.

You can read more on my personal reflections and seasonal inspirations in my blog posts.

Hope to meet, connect and weave with you soon !


Kasey A. Barbey Sallurday

Kasey Barbey Sallurday.png

Blissful immersion in Icelandic nature - 2019

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