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Over the years, I've had the benefit of growing through direct experience while developing skills and abilities as an organizer, co-creator, collaborator and facilitator.


Since 2015, I’ve embraced many invitations and initiatives with a big “Yes!” resulting in a wide variety of projects that I’ve assisted in developing and implementing. These experiences were inevitably enriching as they drew me, again and again, outside of my comfort zone, into the magical space of learning, growing, expanding and flourishing. 


I recognize the richness of co-creation and collaboration as a way of amplifying the effects of our work and energy when it’s directed to a shared purpose or mission. 


The common thread between these spaces is "Wellness within Community"


This translates to the joy and energy that’s synergized when we are brave enough to meet ourselves, meet others in an authentic way and co-create a space that respects each participant's personal truth, unique perspective and veritable expression. This recipe can be potent for collective growth and can result in a  vibrant sense of feeling deeply connected to others while being a valuable, unique piece of the whole web.


We each have something to share, to learn, to teach or to inspire today.


I’m honored to have contributed to, collaborated for and helped organize the following events and projects. When it was my turn to facilitate, experiences included creative workshops, guided meditative dances, kids and family yoga workshops, seasonal rituals and more...

Festi Femme (2018, 2019)

Festi Arbre (2019)

Healing Heart Festival (2019)

Geneva Yoga Festival (2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Joy4Spirit Yoga & Ayurveda Festival (2015)

Trade School Geneva Chapter (2013, 2014)

And over consecutive years, I had the joy and honor to co-create and organize day-long, weekend and longer retreat events for diving deep into these wonderfully rich, colorful and nourishing spaces together...

Sisters' Gathering - Seasonal Gatherings in an Enchanted Garden in Coppet

Wild Woman Retreat Weekends in the Swiss mountains

Soul Medicine Retreat Experiences in Portugal

Sacred Feminine Retreat Weekends in the French Jura and near Lac Léman

You can contact me directly via email or telephone to know more about how my experience and resources can support you.

Upcoming events ::

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