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Therapeutic Workshops

A beautiful collaboration with Lina Sandoval inspired by our intention to offer you an intimate space for healing and well-being.


These punctual sessions throughout the year are designed around various themes (seasons, elements, common health ailments and desired quality-states of being) and invite you to dive into a colourful experience of movement, meditation, relaxation and creativity.


Lina typically offers individual therapeutic sessions applying the natural techniques of color therapy, energetic work and auriculotherapy in order to relieve diverse health problems and re-establish greater physical, psychique and emotional balance.


Within our sessions, you'll be guided to meet your body, mind and breath in the present moment. The practices of conscious movement, self-massage and meditation are all favorable methods for clearing and focusing our our mind and sharpening awareness in order to receive insights into our current state and needs.


The application of color and light will optimise the circulation of energy throughout the body and can support health and well being by supporting the major systems of functioning within the body (ie. immune, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, etc).


Finally, space for intuitive creative expression and sharing space with punctuate our sessions.


In these sessions, we'll suggest various ways for working with essential oils and other natural allies to support our health and wellness.


Information for reserving an individualized session with Lina can be found here :

As coordinator of these monthly gatherings, you can contact me directly via email or telephone to know more about this month's theme and activity.


Saturdays  |  9:30-12:00  |  Espace EKA

Rue de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett 1, 1219 Aïre, Switzerland

Regular Tarif : 80 chf


Registration can be made via

Upcoming Dates

May 6 2023

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