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Bespoke Accompaniment

personalised sessions, circles, rituals & workshops

  • 4 hr
  • Pricing varies
  • various options : in nature, your home, my practice space, etc.

Service Description

Over the years, I’ve seized opportunities and invitations to develop my creativity, intuition and deep listening and I personally love evoking these qualities to create safe and supportive circle space where each participant can find their place with ease and confidence. Whenever someone calls on their support network for a circle experience, each person receives the very special gift of sitting together and co-creating a special time-space. These spaces respond to a universal need we have as humans to have a container to process our experiences... with the turning of the wheel of the year, the seasons reflect our own inner seasons - periods of change and transition, loss and growth. In this way we participate fully the rhythms of life and the natural cycles of life including birth, death and renewal. With simple but meaningful gestures and activities we connect with ourselves, our feelings and needs, the losses and lessons, the beauty of celebrating being alive for it all. We find deep connection within ourselves, with others and the larger rhythms of Nature and Life. These mindful experiences, whether one-on-one, as a famiy or shared with a larger group of loved ones, are a most beautiful way to dance with the Flow of Life with more ease, grace and gratitude. ​Some common occasions to plan a circle or ritual : ° Preparing for Birth with a Blessingway Circle ° Honoring Ceremony for Mama Post Partum ° Pre-Wedding Celebration or a Partnership Renewal Ceremony ° New Home Cleansing & Blessing Ritual ° Birthday Milestone Celebration Circle ° Entering the Power Cycle of Menstruation for a Woman ° Entering the Wisdom Phase of Menopause for a Woman

Contact Details

+41 78 625 3447

205 Rue du Mont Livron, 01550 Collonges, France

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