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Weekly °Prana Flow° Yoga & Meditation

Conscious movement & meditation practices

  • 1 hour
  • Rue du Mont Livron|École Mount Et Sourire|Studio de LA SALLE|Pool Pervenches (Piscine des Pervenches)|Espace EKA|College and Business School André-Chavanne

Service Description

These sessions are a time and space to meet with oneself, as a multi-layered being, through techniques derived from and inspired by: - Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - Mindfulness and other styles of meditation - Do-In (a Japanese form of self-massage that optimizes the flow of energy through the energy channels of the body) - Qigong - Eco-Philosophy and Nature-Inspired spirituality Our goal is above all the path in itself: to re-connect with our essential self in the present moment and to pay attention to the vitality that animates our body and our world with qualities of benevolence and curiosity. Through exercises, movements and guided sequences, we support a more optimal functioning of our primary systems of circulation, respiration and digestion. This makes for an empowering and accessible approach for cultivating greater awareness of one's current state, one's deepest needs and how to take care of oneself. These sessions are an invitation to nourish a feeling of re-connection and harmonisation between the different facettes of oneself as well as within one's environment accompanied by all the benefits associated with relaxation, mental clarity, contentment and general well-being. No previous experience is necessary to benefit from these sessions. I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years to people of all ages. I also facilitate wellness workshops where our explorations are enriched by creativity, intuitive dance, song and sound, authentic and non-violent communication, the use of plant allies (herbs, essences, oils essentials…) and activities related to the cycles of nature and the passages of life.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 205 Rue du Mont Livron, 01550 Collonges, France

    +41 78 625 3447

  • 1 Rue du Champ de Foire, 01630 Saint-Jean-de-Gonville, France

    +41 78 625 3447

  • 6 Rue de l'Artisanat, 01710 Thoiry, France

    +41 78 625 3447

  • Av. de la Praille 20, 1227 Carouge, Suisse

    +41 78 625 3447

  • Rue de la Coupe Gordon-Bennett 1, Aïre, Suisse

    +41 76 374 20 17

  • Av. Trembley 14, 1209 Genève, Suisse

    +41 78 625 3447

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